“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2

chtiEntertaining Angels is a unique one day hospitality training seminar aimed at helping each member of your staff be an open door to Jesus Christ. Unlike other customer service seminars our first priority is to the mission of the Catholic Church to make disciples.

The decision to stay at your parish may be made in as little as the first 3 minutes a visitor spends on your campus, and that includes the time in the parking lot! It is vital that they experience our church as a warm, welcoming place. Many parish offices don’t even think of their day-to-day operations with this in mind.

The training does not end with the workshop. Instead, the team at Entertaining Angels will continue to work with your parish for the next year. Everyone who attends will be registered for a years worth of followup videos and reflections, once a month. They will help keep your staff on task as you work to create a culture of radical hospitality.

Who is the training for? Our training is geared toward whom we call “first contact” staff and volunteers. Employees who commonly are the first to interact with guests have a crucial role in determining whether visitors (and parishioners!) stay or leave – even though their job description may not include evangelization or ministry per se.

What is the training for? Quite simply, our training provides preparation for receiving others in the name of Jesus Christ. Participants will come away feeling greater confidence about sharing Christ with whoever might darken the parish doors. They will be empowered with ‘what to say’, even during brief interactions.

What does a day of training look like? Our Entertaining Angels course consists of four sessions and a break for lunch, including exercises which will allow time to practice the techniques learned. At the end of the day, participants receive a commissioning and blessing, plus materials to keep and continue practicing with.

  1. Called To Holiness – The day begins with a look at our unique calling to live a life that is holy and pleasing to the Lord. We will focus on our gifts of brokenness, perspective and surrender considering how each one provides an opportunity to allow Christ to work through us and draw us closer. We will also take a look at the roots of hospitality in Church Tradition and Sacred Scripture to help us understand how our hospitality can be a beautiful and powerful fruit of our holiness.
  2. Called To Share – During section two of our training we will focus on understanding and spreading the Gospel message. We will focus on the gifts of evangelism, Gospel sharing and prayer. Authentic hospitality is a reflection of Christ’s love shining through us. In order to understand and share that love we must be strongly connected to Christ through prayer. We will focus on personal, formal and spontaneous prayer and take some time to practice praying with and for others.
  3. Called To Serve – Christ came to earth to serve rather than be served. During the third segment of our training we will learn to imitate Christ’s service by focusing on the gifts of joy, service and peace. Special attention will be given to resolving conflict, dealing hospitably with difficult people and offering and accepting forgiveness.
  4. Called To Build His Kingdom On Earth – The final segment is where we put all the pieces into practice. Participants will develop and practice skills for sharing the Gospel with those they meet. Using the gifts of connecting, comforting and mercy we will have an opportunity to plan and practice interactions both in person and on the phone.


So what is this going to cost you as a pastor or diocesan leader?

Good News! Our workshops are very affordable. The costs involved are:

  • A flat fee of $1500 for a full day of training and 12 months of follow up.
  • Transportation, lodging, and meals for the speaker.
  • Cost of providing food for participants and printing materials.
  • You can recoup your costs by charging a registration fee.
  • Many parishes will work together to host a workshop to offset the cost.