Here is some feedback from participants who attended our Entertaining Angels program:

  • 98% of participants would recommend the program to others.
  • “I benefited from the speaker encouraging us to go outside of our comfort zones.”
  • “It was great practicing right there. I am now using the skills I learned that day.”
  • “I loved the ACTS formula and the 4 fingers prayer. It is easy to teach others how to pray.”
  • “There was a perfect balance between information and formation.”
  • “The hints on how to deal with difficult people were very good.”
  • “The speaker was interesting and friendly.”
  • “I learned how to see Christ in every person that we meet.”
  • “I loved every part of the workshop. I liked praying with another person since that is my area of weakness.”
  • “I benefited from learning how we can bring our beautiful faith to others who are so in need!”
  • “The speaker, Sheri was so inviting & I found myself wanting to hear more of her personal encounters of comfort & mercy. Our parish priest extended a personal invitation to me as a volunteer, so grateful to have attended. My favorite part had to be how easy Sheri made it look to pray with others, the exercise of praying with a stranger was a wonderful experience. I have had other people grab me up & offer prayer, something I could never imagine being comfortable doing. After today & more practice (my family is going to love this) I want to gain the personal confidence to offer to pray with others.”
  • “I have found myself smiling more when visitors come to the office.”
  • “I have become really aware of how every connection we make has an impact.”
  • “I have started praying each day and approaching new people with enthusiasm and – I hope- a welcoming spirit.”