Whole Parish Enrichment Work Groups


Our first course, Entertaining Angels, is designed to help first contact staff in the parish understand how hospitality leads to an environment through which visitors and parish members can experience evangelization and become disciples of Jesus Christ. The course is primarily for key volunteers and members of the staff who typically serve as the first contact for a visitor. At the end of their training they leave with resources and an action plan to ensure everyone who walks through the door has a chance to encounter Jesus Christ and leaves feeling at home with their parish.

Whole Parish Enrichment is an intensive 12 hour working group (3 days for 4 hours a day) in which every aspect of the parish is evaluated for its potential to aid in the creation of a evangelistic, missionary community of faithful. The church exists to evangelize and is primarily oriented towards “outsiders”, not “insiders”. We will help your professional staff rediscover the mission and identity of the Church to reach out into its community and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Through the Whole Parish Enrichment our team will work with your parish one on one for the duration of the study. Your parish will leave the this study with an action plan through which each member of the staff will be able to implement changes to build a new culture in the parish. This working group can be used for parishes that are just starting out or those who need to re-evaluate their parish plans and priorities as they continue to move forward for the New Evangelization.